BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE X - split 12" e.p

  • BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE X - split 12

BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE X - split 12" e.p

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Bastard Noise / Bizarre x - split 12“ ep.

Back in 2011 Bastard Noise went on Tour in Europe and they played one day together
with Bizarre X and an idea for doing a split release grown up in their heads.

Finally, here we are with a 12“ split ep, cut on 45 rpm for a maximum of power and clearness.

Bastard Noise recorded 4 ultra sonic tracks with his unique voice full of anger and pain
compinated with his insect war electronics.

Bizarre X comes out with 11 tracks of pure rumpling drum and bass with vigorously vocals,
including one Fear of God cover.

Both sides were mastered by Mr. Rozon at Speed Semen Clove Factory!
Artwork and insert were done by FetusK!

This records sounds like you stand in front of the band with a diabolical PA soundsystem.

This 12“ is pressed on virgin vinyl with a pro done recordsjacket and 12“ sized insert.

Co-released with Regurgitated Semen Records, in an edition of 600 copies.