BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE X - split 12" e.p

  • BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE X - split 12

BASTARD NOISE / BIZARRE X - split 12" e.p

This is a preorder, the record will be shipped 1st of March 2019
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Bastard Noise / Bizarre X - split 12 ep.

Back in 2011 Bastard Noise went on Tour in Europe and they played one day together with
Bizarre X and a plan for a split release stated.

So here we are.

Bastard Noise recorded 4 ultra sonic tracks with his unique voice and noise, just pure insect war electronic. recorded by Mr. Rozon

Bizarre X deliver use 11 pure drum and bass songs, recorded at Zk Studio and mastered by Mr. Rozon

The Sound is like: 'I’m RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BAND PLAYING WITH A DIABOLICAL PA SYSTEM !!! Fuck yes !!!!' (Eric Wood)

This record is pressed on virgin vinyl with pro done jacket and 12" sized inlay.
runs at 45 rpm for the best soundquality.

limited run

co released with Regurgitated Semen Records